Wrongful Death

What is wrongful death?

Wrongful death is when a person is killed due to wrongful conduct by another person or entity. Those entitled to sue are usually a spouse, next of kin, or children. Parents can also sue for wrongful death of a child. Originally, wrongful death was to protect widows and orphans as well as motivate people to prevent accidents.

In order to sue for wrongful death, you must be able to prove that the death was a direct result of the actions taken by the defendant. Unfortunately, health care providers sometimes make mistakes that result in thousands of wrongful deaths each year. If one of your loved ones was the victim of wrongful death, you may be able to recover some financial damages.

How we can help you

The Law Office of James Gay has experienced attorneys who can help you recover damages from your loss. While the loss of a loved one will leave irreparable scars, you deserve financial compensation to help with medical bills, mental anguish and other tough financial situations caused by loss. If you aren’t sure whether you can sue for wrongful death, schedule a consultation and we’ll assess your options.

The next step

Working with an experienced law firm is the only way to recover the damages you are owed. Make an appointment with the Law Office of James J. Gay and you’ll receive a consultation with an experienced lawyer who can help you recover both monetary and non-economic damages.